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Hi, Thanks for stopping here at my corner of the web.   I have to tell you upfront, that if you are looking for a Perfect site that is “done” and updated everyday…sorry, wrong place.  I seem to be missing my “Staff” that keeps everything up to snuff while I travel about.

The picture you see above is a Reality for me on many days.  Ya, I know what you hear in the Media, we are Over Populated and all that garbage. I’m here to tell you, if you have never been out of your home state or region of these United States, we have 100’s of 1,000’s of square miles that look just like this.   Imagine trying to stay awake while driving through this kind of area for hours on end, it isn’t always easy.

So, enough about what I do to pay the bills, My Life and This Site are about Much Bigger Issues.   First and foremost,  My Retirement and Lifestyle.  second and Equally Important to Me,  is Your Retirement and Lifestyle.   You might be asking yourself, Why would I be interested in Your life?  Well, that is simple, I am interested in helping as many people as I possibly can to retire on their Own terms, and hopefully Much earlier than the usual 65 years old or so.

Retirement is something I like to talk about, but many people do not understand what I’m talking about.  Have you ever Really thought about Retirement?  Did you know that Most people put More thought into a two week vacation than they do their own retirement plans?  Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you are 65 or something crazy like that? I’m 58 and I do not plan on working much more in the Trucking Industry.   Don’t get me wrong, Trucking has been Very Good to me and my Family, but it is time to move on to the Next Chapter in my life.   When you have enough money coming into your mailbox or your bank account on a regular basis to pay all your bills and allow you to do those things you want to do, whenever you want to do them, with whomever you want to do it,  this then is retirement.

If you are like “most people”, you work a job that pays you enough that you are not looking for another one, in other words, you have become comfortable enough with the money you make and the credit you can secure to convince yourself that “You are Happy”.

So, here is what you will find, if you stick around for a while, I believe in “Your Economy”. What is Your Economy you ask?  Your economy is All that matters in Your Life.  Now, if you watch the News from the Main Stream Media, they all talk about “The Economy” as if it is the Only thing Important in Your life. Not true, not even close, but to hear more about all that, you’re gonna have to get in touch, so we can talk a bit more.

Thanks for stopping by, expect greatness in Your Life and it will come to you.


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