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The Newest and Most Important page on this website.   That’s right, Leaders are Readers,  and I don’t just mean recreational reading either,  I’m talking about reading to improve your life,  so you are better able to lead others in improving theirs.

Have you been reading for years,  yet you don’t think their is much improvement?    I know I’ve been there,  that feeling of,  “I can’t even help myself,  How can I help Anyone else”?    Now you know as well as I do that it is Not that the information is not good enough,  because you have seen as I have,  Many other people read the same book(s) and they have this Big Breakthrough,  and here we are….Still.   So,  what if you could finally find out “Why” you’re still stuck,  would that be valuable?  Trust me,  This is Way Beyond, “The Secret“.

This first book I am posting is very possibly the One Book,  the Only Book, you may ever need.

Everyone has heard of Napoleon Hill,  but not everyone has read His books.  If you’re like me,  his books on Success like  “Think and Grow Rich”,  or  “Master Key to Riches”,  can be a bit hard to grasp.   Enter, “Outwitting the Devil”.   Written in 1938,  but not published until 2011,  YES,   Me Too!   WHY!   You’ll have to read the book,  or I recommend getting the Audio Book,  it is Excellent!

I have provided a link to the book on Amazon here.  Go this book right away,  and let me know how it affects you the first time through.  I say first time,  because you will want/need to get into this one as a Study book.

New Addition 6 May 2015: Three Feet From Gold

Just One of the Stories from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book, now in a Full length book of it’s own. Such a Powerful subject of Why Most people fail in life. Three Feet From Gold is a Must Have book for Your Library.

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