About Larry Alford

Married to my best Friend, Barbara Alford. Have 3 Great and Unique Grown Children, as a blended family, 2 are Hers, 1 is Mine, and We are a Family.

Family is The Cornerstone of All Civilization. Network Marketing (or even MLM, ya I know, Taboo, just stick with me here)  in its purest form is something we do naturally each day of our life. At 58 years old, I have been in this industry for 34 years, along the way creating life long friendships.

It is said that in order to get what you want, you have to first figure out “what you don’t want”. Most people just keep doing the things they “Don’t Want” every day, complaining as they go through life, and never really giving any thought to “What they Do Want”.

Think about it.

Next time someone offers to show you a way to make money in a Home Business, give them your time to at least listen…You can always say no, and that is OK.

In 1986 I got my first taste of Network Marketing, I was off the wall excited about the kind of $$$$$$ that are available for using a product and talking to others about it. That’s when I found out I was “Scared To Death” of talking to other people. I didn’t know I was scared of talking to people until I found out there was something to talk about other than the weather, sports, what’s going wrong in your life, my life, usually by the time that conversation was all done, we were both worn out, and the only thing you could do at that point was “Go get a Beer”. You can imagine how that ended up, maybe you have even lived that life too.

The first company I got involved with had a saying. “use the product, wear the button, and talk to people”, I thought that would be easy, but the button seemed like it was made of Kryptonite. I would go to the mall and think, I’ll just wear this button and people will talk to me, HA! I could not even open my jacket to show I was wearing it. F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real. This is real life, this is where I started. So I crashed and burned with that one. Then there was a new company that had One product, and I started talking to some family and friends and right away it took off. I had a good sized group of people involved in a few short weeks, then the Big Meeting happened where the company reps came to our town, (cause we were really growing), and they had some Great Announcements. They were adding more products, they thought this was a great deal and everyone would love the idea…..Not! The group died overnight. The group was excited about the One Product and when the company announced changes, it was like blowing a Huge hole in the balloon. Then it was about 5 years later when I got the call from a co-worker about a business she wanted to show me. (once you have the bug, it never leaves) So I said sure, why not, and her, her husband and (friend)/(upline) showed up with boxes and a whiteboard in hand. It was Amway! I had no preconceived ideas at that point, so it went well, and I bought the Dream. I have to tell you I learned more from this venture about business and life in general than all my experience up to that point. The next 5 years were fun, but became frustrating, because I felt like a travel agent booking travel for folks that don’t want to go on vacation, so while I did make some money on a consistent basis, I ended up walking away after 5 years.

No regrets, it was just time to move on.

Since that experience ended in 1995, I have been in several ventures, made money in some, but not all. Since the internet has come about and taken a firm hold on our society and also the Networking World, there have been Thousands of opportunities that have popped up, people without Morals is what it comes down to. People used to talk about Corporate America, well, Networking in 2020 is a Jungle, and if you do not understand what has happened and is happening, you will continue to have failure in your life and frustration will be your best friend.

The get rich Now mentality has always been here and will never go away completely. But like any cancer, if you keep feeding it, it will grow.   Over the past several years I have been really working on getting  my Business Life to really reflect what I am about.   Because I am Very into Health and Nutrition, not like a gym rat, but taking Good supplements has been a part of my life since 1990.   One thing that has driven me is having my Gall Bladder removed.   (seems like this was around the year 2000, hard to believe it was that long ago)  From that time to present, my eating habits have evolved in a positive way.   I’m stopping right here in the middle of the story, so to speak, so from here, you will have to ask.

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