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Living a Growing, Happy & Fulfilling Life

Where Do I Start?

Let me start by saying I do not consider myself an Expert by any means about life, but I do feel like I have learned many things by making the wrong choices along the way.  I also want to say right upfront that I am not writing here to pass some judgement  on how you should live your life.  I simply want to put forth some information for you to take a look at and see if there is merit in how to live a more happy and fulfilling life.  (ok, enough disclaimer)

If I could show you how to possibly not make some mistakes in life, Before you make them, would that be good information?  Everyone on this planet has been raised with different circumstances, even if you are in the same family.    I am the fourth child of four, (yes the baby of the family), and as the fourth, I know that my circumstances were very different from my older siblings.  Just the fact that there are 7+ years between me and my older brother, and 12-14 years between me and my older sisters will tell you that my parents had a number of years of parenting experience between when they started being parents and when I was born.  Then there is the fact that by age 6, both of my sisters were married and out of the house.  I’m sure you get the idea of what I am talking about here, a very big contrast in my circumstances of growing up verses my older sisters and my brother.  Just to finish up this first thought, I was pretty much an only child (at home) by age 8, so I had Mom and Dad to myself for the most part, and that created many different circumstances for me verses my siblings.

So, my focus in this article is to give  you some pointers on how you can live your life and maybe miss making some common mistakes for all us humans.  You will still make your share of mistakes, but if you can make less than you might have, that could be a major difference in you life.

If you have never studied any Bible or Religious writings before, don’t quit on me.  Here is the First point I want to impress upon you, Keep an Open Mind from this day forward about information coming into your life.  I heard it said once that the mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is opened.  Two books I highly recommend for starting out in life are Proverbs, which you will find in any Bible, and As a Man Thinketh, By James Allen, these two go very well together.

If you were going to take a College level course on life, and the following was the synopsis, would it interest you?

Pro 1:2 Proverbs will teach you wisdom and self-control and how to understand sayings with deep meanings.

Pro 1:3 You will learn what is right and honest and fair.

Pro 1:4 From these, an ordinary person can learn to be smart, and young people can gain knowledge and good sense.

I know there are many today that want children to just kinda raise themselves, (not really) but in terms of figuring it all out, not really giving any life instruction.  Letting the television, radio and now the internet supply all the information to our youngest minds.  Again, many will say that it is going really well, but the unfortunate statistics paint a very different picture.

Violent crimes are out of control.  Divorce has been 50%+ for a generation now, death by abortion has claimed over 50 Million lives that never even had a chance at life,  and Lying is an acceptable practice  throughout our Government and Legal System.   Oh ya, I almost forgot, our Jails here in The United States  have more people by percentage of population incarcerated than Any Country on Earth.

That last paragraph is just a few high points, I could go on for many pages on statistics of how we are failing as a people.  So what are the answers for living a better life?

Start with You, and work from there.  The late Steven Covey, said when you learn something new, the best way to make it stick, is to start Teaching what you have learned in the first 24 hours.  This thought alone is something very foreign in our society.  Pretty much saying Anything to Anyone these days is considered taboo, because it might offend someone.

I believe you must have something in life to lean on as Truth.  One example is in Math, you have a form of measurement called a ruler, it is 12 inches long and is used by anyone who makes anything.  There are tables of numbers for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  Two plus two is four, and that is and always has been the Truth on this subject, so if someone comes along and tells you, well I think that two plus two is five, you know this person is mistaken or confused about the simplest of number equations.

While I know the Bible is a controversial subject, and almost no one can agree on anything written there in, the Book of Proverbs is a book of common sense sayings that you can read, and consider, and know in your own mind that you are dealing with solid information you can rely upon.

Here is one example from Proverbs, and one that you will readily see, if our Society was teaching this in the homes, we would not have many of the problems we have.

Pro 1:10 Don’t be tempted by sinners or listen
Pro 1:11 when they say, “Come on! Let’s gang up and kill somebody, just for the fun of it!
Pro 1:12 They’re well and healthy now, but we’ll finish them off once and for all.
Pro 1:13 We’ll take their valuables and fill our homes with stolen goods.
Pro 1:14 If you join our gang, you’ll get your share.”
Pro 1:15 Don’t follow anyone like that or do what they do.

I’m sure you can see how teaching of this would change our country over night.

It is not my intent to give you Everything here in one article, but rather just a taste and a direction.  Having a Desire within yourself to grow and be a better person each day is all that is needed to start on your own journey.

I will finish with this thought.  Most have heard of The Golden Rule, taught by Jesus about 2000 years ago, but surely spoken of by others even farther back in history.  “Do or treat others the Same way You yourself want to be treated”.  I can Promise you if you consider this rule each and every day, Your life will be better, knowing that You have been the type of person you would like every person you come in contact to be.

Make for yourself a Great Life, You Do Deserve it.

The Cost Of Waiting

Have you ever considered adding up the costs?

Recently, I began to consider the cost of waiting for this and that to be perfect, done, set up, etc.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

You get involved with that New Company,  and they are going to have this and that,  and you just know it is going to be Great!

But wait just a minute,  they really don’t have “all things” done and ready to go?   So the only way to really market your business is the old fashioned way.

Now You have to talk to people and sell stuffYou know, all those things you have convinced yourself you’re not good at.

We all have these thoughts in our head, yet we get involved and watch other people grow, and make money while we sit and wait for whatever we are waiting for.  Call me when you are Tired of this.

The bottom line is we have F.E.A.R we have not overcome yet, and it has become an imbedded part of us that has our feet in cement.  Have you ever purchased a few hundred Leads, then sat and looked at your phone like it was sitting on a Hot Stove?  That kind of F.E.A.R.  By the way, if you are Not Aware yet, F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

When was the last time you picked up the phone and just started calling people you know and saying something like this?

“Hey Joe, this is Larry, I know we have not talked in some time, and I know you are probably not interested, but I just cannot see myself getting heavily involved with this new company without at least telling those that I know about it first. So I’m just making some calls today to let you and a few others know that I started into something that looks really exciting, and I just don’t want you to hear it from anyone else but me”.

This is also a great time to say, “even though I know you probably not interested in business, I’m hoping you will buy some of these Fantastic Products and give me your honest opinion about them.

I know for me personally I have been less than average at just doing that much, and I have no doubt that it has cost me dearly in building any business I have started in the last few years.

Recently, I got involved with a company that started with just 2 products and the first month’s compensation was based on “selling product”.

I got confused with selling products and sponsoring people.

In trying to sponsor people I did poorly, because I was not focusing on just calling people I know and saying,   “hey Joe, I just got involved with a new company with a couple cutting edge products, I really need you to buy one or both and give them a try for me.”

Had I done this, I would have made $1000.’s more than I did during that period.

So what is it that is holding you back from “Getting Started”?

Is it, “I just don’t know anyone”? Or how about, “I’m not good at that sponsoring thing”.

Maybe you just mentally bought into your own excuses, because they make sense to you. This is real honesty time. As the Author here, I can say with absolute certainty that I have not used the time I have had wisely.  I have not done the “little things” that must be done on a daily basis in promoting my business that would have transformed it from a mediocre business into an Empire.

Many people say they are busy,  and I can honestly say I am one of them.   I cannot even say how many hours I “really work”, as it would not fit into anything that I report. Suffice to say that I work up to 70 hours a week and in the context of you working 40 hours plus some overtime, you never count your commute time or all the getting ready time, etc, I have many hours that are also “not counted” in a legal sense. So you see, I am busy, you are busy and even when we are “not working” we are still busy doing something. What is really important,  is learning to think about the little things in a long term outlook.

For instance, you can start a Blog today, but it won’t make you a ton of money today, or even this week or month, but I can promise you if you begin to Blog everyday and make an absolute habit of it, and I’m speaking of business now, not arts and crafts.  If you Blog daily and provide “relevant content” to the internet,  your Blog will grow in rankings and in a few months to a year, you could have the makings of an empire going.

So, if you are lacking this thought process regarding long term thinking it’s not your fault and you need to believe it.   You are not taught in school, college or a job to think in this way, but I can promise You that those in charge of Your Life,  Do know how to think this way, and so much so, that they keep you in a sort of Happy Bondage.   If you want to be successful,  seek out Successful People in the area you want to be Successful in, and learn to do what they do.  Start with Books about Success

Only you can figure out how many hours you are wasting per week. Let me define wasting time for us here. Let’s say you want to build a business that will give you the financial choice to work less in your current job or retire from that job and go full time into your Home business.

You must first figure out where you will get the “time” to devote to that venture.

In my opinion, (you must decide what your opinion is and if you can support that with facts that make sense) watching T.V. for entertainment is a waste of time.

I have heard and even bought into this lie for periods of my life, “well, we all need some down time, just be able to “veg”, watch some mindless television.”

If you ever get someone to send you Cash for watching their T.V. Show, let me know, I will change my mind right away!

There are dozens of great shows to watch and there are many I personally like….”but”, if I am honest, no matter how much I like them, they are still a waste of time in the context of building a Home Business.  Ask yourself if it would be ok, for you to call into your full time job and ask,

“Hey, this is Larry, I know you are paying me to be there and do whatever I am supposed to do, but there is this really cool T.V. show that I am sort of hooked on and I really want to see this episode playing today, can I take today off and just come in tomorrow”?

What do you think the answer will be?

Yeah, not going to happen!

So why is it that we think we can put off building our Home Business using that excuse?   And here is a real kicker, what example are we showing anyone that we have sponsored (are responsible for) into our new Home Business?

In a Home Business, whatever “you do or don’t do, good or bad”, your recruits will do also.

So, if we are really honest with ourselves, it would be wise to get out front and be a Leader of our own Business.   Wouldn’t you agree?

Have you ever read about or seen for yourself how horses run as a team pulling a sled? The owners put blinders on their eyes so they cannot see to the side or to the rear, only forward. This is a mindset we all need to acquire, looking forward.

Forward to what, you ask?  forward to our goal.  The goal of course being the reason for starting this business in the first place.  For each person that goal will be slightly different, but whatever your reason or goal is, there must also be a monetary goal in mind.

For instance, if you are wanting to have the choice to work overtime or not, or maybe make enough to cover that new car payment, whatever it is, we can agree there is an amount you can focus on as a goal.

Let’s say your monetary goal is $500 extra a month coming in. In order to achieve that goal, it is not necessary to know all the details of any marketing plan.

You only need to know that there are three things necessary to make money in a Home Business, of the networking style.

1. Purchase products from “your business”, so you get firsthand knowledge of and experience with what you are expecting others to purchase. Afterall, if you are not your own best customer, don’t expect anyone else to be.

2. Ask family and friends to purchase products from your store, in addition to advertising for customers outside of your sphere of influence.

3. Recruit other like minded people into your business to do the two above. If you do those 3 things and Only Focus on those 3 things, you will be successful in whatever business model you decide to become a part of.

In conclusion,  if you are not sure about your goal, get the book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  Tthis is a really great place to start, as it has helped countless millions of people just like yourself get focused. You should also write down your goals, and read them to yourself each day.   Look into the Law of Attraction, whatever you give Attention, Energy and Focus to, you will attract to yourself, and that is Good or Bad.   Study Successful People, and find someone in your venture who is Successful and find out what they are doing and learn to do that.

There is so much more,  but for today that is it.   Please leave me your comments on this article,  I would love to hear your thoughts,  and if there is anything I can do to help you with your Home Business or to get Started in one, leave me your contact information and I will be in touch very soon.